What the Heck Is A Good Keyword?

A keyword is simply something that people type into search engines when they are :

(1) looking for information

(2) looking to solve a problem

(3) looking to buy something

(4) bored…and again, they will be looking for info

However, It’s important to understand what a GOOD keyword is because all keywords aren’t created equal. Things like… Long Tail, relevance, low competition, search volume etc… all matter, and knowledge of these things definitely make the process of identifying keywords a lot easier.

Nowadays keyword tools are designed so that you only have to push a couple of buttons and within seconds they will spit out 100’s of potential keywords (And then some!)

While that may sound great it doesn’t really help to find GOOD keywords!

Keyword tools only uncover keywords that MAY have potential, that’s why no matter what you learn about the keyword research process… and regardless of how many bells and whistles the keyword tool being used may have, it alone will never be enough.

That’s why it is important to realize that keyword research means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t know what to do with what you find. It’s more important to focus and learn how to use keywords in order to maximize conversion rates on content.

Keywords allow you to open the door of opportunity in any market you choose, using any medium of online promotion. However when you find a keyword, ask yourself if it is relevant to what you are promoting.

MOST businesses fail, it’s a business statistic

Being a successful business owner is just really extremely difficult even if you have a transcendent idea. The strange truth is that you can do everything right and still fail. A lot of success has to do with luck, timing and diligence. Entrepreneurs are just a different breed, As an Entrepreneur you have to be willing to take risks for that 1% success rate.

It’s all about sales, sales, sales

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the OXYGEN of a business is sales. You have to sell, and in order to sell you need to expose your idea to as many people as possible. You need to be on twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Wealthy Affiliate… promoting your business. You aren’t going to get sales by keeping your business a secret, you need to broadcast it as much as possible.

 Catch Up or Get Left

The internet has reached full scale and people still haven’t discovered how to monetize it to their advantage… pathetic truly. It’s all about the people that will help you in your career. If you got the right people then there is no limitations as to what you can do

In 15 years there will be millions more self made and self paid individuals. So either Catch up or get left.

In order to have a chance at being successful in business, you have to understand business. That’s why it’s highly recommended to check out the platform at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t be afraid of failure… because even, The founder of Starbucks got rejected over 240 times before he found an investor.

If you know anyone that would like to start their own business with the guidance of successful entrepreneurs then don’t hesitate to share this page. Make your thoughts known and thanks for reading.

If You’re Reading This, Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Quit your day job, they said. Do what makes you happy they said.

Now after thinking about what they said… ask yourself, do you have enough money to live the lifestyle you want without the need of the job you have? If your survival depends on your reputation, a person, or a company then you may want to think three times before quitting your day job.

Just to clarify, don’t take this read as “live and die by your day job”. However if you’re paying for a high cost of living really take some time and think before leaving your job. If you are someone who can afford to leave your job comfortably, and feel that would be best… by all means go for it! However if you’re living paycheck to paycheck you might want to have a plan before you just decide to up and quit.

Always remember; just because you can do something… doesn’t necessarily mean you should

If you want to take the risk of leaving a company providing you with a paycheck in order to have possibly $0.00 coming in… then a substantial savings is a MUST! Best believe, ain’t none of the people saying “quit your job” have plans to make money for you after the fact. The truth is whether you like your job or not, you are getting paid for it (at least you better be) so instead of just leaving your job (which becomes a loss of income) you should consider looking at ways to put yourself in a better position financially for the future. Try to focus on building a large savings up so at some point you really can do what you want.

The goal is to make money work for you… not you work for it. That’s why If you want to have your own business and an affordable one it’s highly recommended to check out the Online Business Building platform, at Wealthy Affiliate. The total cost of starting a business online, growing and managing your business online within Wealthy Affiliate is $49 per month (or $359 per year). That includes website design, hosting, website security, education, and mentoring and from this you can absolutely create and grow a business to any level of success online. Don’t let your peers distract you… because, your peers may laugh now but they’ll cry later when they realize they have to continuously live paycheck to paycheck and ultimately always stay broke. No matter what you decide to do in terms of staying or leaving your job though don’t get to the point where losing your job would result in losing everything.