What the Heck Is A Good Keyword?

A keyword is simply something that people type into search engines when they are :

(1) looking for information

(2) looking to solve a problem

(3) looking to buy something

(4) bored…and again, they will be looking for info

However, It’s important to understand what a GOOD keyword is because all keywords aren’t created equal. Things like… Long Tail, relevance, low competition, search volume etc… all matter, and knowledge of these things definitely make the process of identifying keywords a lot easier.

Nowadays keyword tools are designed so that you only have to push a couple of buttons and within seconds they will spit out 100’s of potential keywords (And then some!)

While that may sound great it doesn’t really help to find GOOD keywords!

Keyword tools only uncover keywords that MAY have potential, that’s why no matter what you learn about the keyword research process… and regardless of how many bells and whistles the keyword tool being used may have, it alone will never be enough.

That’s why it is important to realize that keyword research means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t know what to do with what you find. It’s more important to focus and learn how to use keywords in order to maximize conversion rates on content.

Keywords allow you to open the door of opportunity in any market you choose, using any medium of online promotion. However when you find a keyword, ask yourself if it is relevant to what you are promoting.